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Born in San Francisco and bred in Oakland, Tracie Collins was inspired by the sub cultures of art, theater and stage performances anywhere from the avenues right outside of San Francisco to the abstract depth of the cultured bay area. While the oldest of her siblings and deemed responsible for their upbringing, Collins’ dreams of her voice to be heard around the world were conceived in these very moments. And it was in these moments that her modernized renaissance tale was conceived.

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Previous Work


Cold Piece Of Werk


Girlfriend Chronicles


Knocking At Love's Door


What The Press Says

Tracie Collins, is deeply concerned about the plight of underage women who are trafficked into prostitution in Oakland. Collins, who is also a playwright, actor, director and producer, has come up with a creative expression as a response to the child prostitution epidemic in Oakland. She has written, directed and produced (but does not appear in) a new stage show called Cold Piece of Werk.

Tamara Palmer
NBC Bay Area

I was so excited to hear that you were coming on the show, because I saw your production last year. … You’ve always said that you want to be a voice for urban women. … the realistic, real-world problems that you’re bringing to light.

Michelle Griego
Bay Area Focus, KBCW (CBS SF Bay Area)

With limited opportunities for Black actresses in theater, Tracie Collins is changing the landscape by producing, writing and directing productions that star Black female leds. The Oakland-bred self-starter honed her acting skills at the American Conservatory Theater and has appeared in more than four full-production stage plays and starred in several other productions.

Shamika Spencer

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