What 2017 Taught Me

Recently I posted a question on Facebook asking everyone how their 2017 has been. And for the most part, everyone’s responses were overwhelmingly positive. Mostly everyone had a great 2017. I was so happy to see that.
Well, I never shared how my year has been. 2017 for me has been a year of major transformation. The year I thought I was going to have, didn't go as I planned. What’s the saying, “Make plans and watch God laugh”, that’s how my year went?

I had great projections on producing more projects and having my show run here in Atlanta. Needless to say, life took a drastic turn and my plans didn't happen. I guess life had to grow me up more. From business failures to losing my car, almost my home. My iden...

"Ode To Oakland"

My “Ode to Oakland”

I am so indescribably in love with my city! Such a beautiful array of people with so much culture and life; beautiful shades of brown that are a rainbow unto themselves. I love to sit at Lake Chalet overlooking Lake Merritt. I love to hear the questions and comments from audience members after a performance, giving me a different perspective and insight into what matters to you. I love that Beyoncé paid homage to our legacy...because it’s OUR LEGACY. Oakland has definitely shown love—and I gladly reciprocate!

I’m looking forward to representing where I’m from in this next phase of the journey. Some of you have heard, when I officially announced it at ‘Who Is Tracie Collin...

We Are Oakland...

And this is one of many ways we can represent:

Using Artistic Mediums To End Sex Trafficking

My interview with Wear Your Voice magazine is now live! Thank you to Editor Ravneet Vohra for providing this platform to raise awareness about sex trafficking. Click here to read the story.

Stay Tuned For A Major Announcement!!!

Since our invitation-only "salon" last April, my team and I have been working on multiple projects, which we plan to announce soon. My creative juices have been simmering, and you're gonna love what we come up with! Thank you for your patience and continued support. Have a beautiful weekend! Love, Tracie

Tracie Collins Store Is Now Live!

You may have seen me and/or my team wearing some of the T-shirts, and you have asked, "When will they be available for sale?!" Well, the Tracie Collins Store is now live, and we want to see you wearing my T-shirts!

Take a selfie, tag me @traciecollins on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), and please use the hashtag #TracieCollinsStore

I want to sincerely thank you for your patience and continued support!

With love!


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Thank You, Steve Kopff And Josh Stenzel....

Couple uncover Oakland Victorian’s beautiful bones

When Josh Stenzel flew into SFO for his first date with Steve Kopff, they drove straight to a garden center. “What a relief,” he remembers thinking. “My past boyfriends always said Saturday morning at the garden center was the worst part of their week.”

Besides a shared passion for home design, the couple, who met online, discovered they were soul mates. Stenzel, 28, never flew home to Minnesota after that weekend three years ago.

One year later, Kopff, 48, sold his Edwardian home in San Francisco’s Dolores Heights, and they bought a rambling, run-down, 11,041-square-foot Victorian in a patchy but transitional East Oakland neighborhood.

It had five bedroom...

This Week Has Been A Blessing...

Last Sunday, my interview with Liz Saint John, Public Affairs Director, CBS Radio SF, aired on KCBS Radio, Radio Alice, LIVE 105 and 99.7 Now. We discussed upcoming projects, including the film adaptation of my fourth stage production Cold Piece of Werk. Human / sex trafficking is often seen as an international issue; however, it takes place nationwide. The Oakland child trafficking epidemic inspired me to write CPOW, and the film adaptation will reveal the backstory of the main character "Midnight." The takeaway message is that these children are "victims." I feel that as a writer, director, producer, it is my duty to give a voice to the voiceless, to ruffle feathers, and to help build a stronger Bay Area arts and entertainment communit...

My Thank You Note To You…

The latest production, “Cold Piece of Werk” signaled a change for the direction of my productions. I have always believed in the power of what we create—the stories we tell and share are as vital to our survival as air and food; and with CPOW, I knew that there was a story that’s been hiding in the shadows of Oakland’s recent boom. Sex trafficking is something we see all around us, and we’re so quick to dismiss it as something “those people” do, not realizing that it’s bigger than that, it’s a symptom of several things. The great thing about being an artist is I can say what the hell I want, and that’s exactly what I did with this production: I utilized my voice, my influe...