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"Ode To Oakland"

My “Ode to Oakland”

I am so indescribably in love with my city! Such a beautiful array of people with so much culture and life; beautiful shades of brown that are a rainbow unto themselves. I love to sit at Lake Chalet overlooking Lake Merritt. I love to hear the questions and comments from audience members after a performance, giving me a different perspective and insight into what matters to you. I love that Beyoncé paid homage to our legacy...because it’s OUR LEGACY. Oakland has definitely shown love—and I gladly reciprocate!

I’m looking forward to representing where I’m from in this next phase of the journey. Some of you have heard, when I officially announced it at ‘Who Is Tracie Collins?’ that I have decided to enter another phase of growth, both in business and personally. As in any journey in life, you must grow and expand by venturing beyond your comfort zone. I am currently setting up my next production, "The V Monologues- A Black Woman's Interpretation" in Atlanta, GA, Saturday August 27th. I also have a few other things brewing in the pot—with hot sauce ready! It’s an exciting time and I’m so humbled to know that so many of you have been pouring out your support. There are so many people I would like to express my deepest thanks to and so many more that have touched my life in ways that you don’t even know—thank you!

“See you later” fits a lot better than “goodbye” in this situation, because I’ll never really be gone. It doesn’t matter where I am--I have an Oakland soul! So with all my heart, I love you Oakland!

Now, from the "O" to the "A" .........Next Chapter