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This Week Has Been A Blessing...

Last Sunday, my interview with Liz Saint John, Public Affairs Director, CBS Radio SF, aired on KCBS Radio, Radio Alice, LIVE 105 and 99.7 Now. We discussed upcoming projects, including the film adaptation of my fourth stage production Cold Piece of Werk. Human / sex trafficking is often seen as an international issue; however, it takes place nationwide. The Oakland child trafficking epidemic inspired me to write CPOW, and the film adaptation will reveal the backstory of the main character "Midnight." The takeaway message is that these children are "victims." I feel that as a writer, director, producer, it is my duty to give a voice to the voiceless, to ruffle feathers, and to help build a stronger Bay Area arts and entertainment community so that at some point in the very near future, what we see in the media is a reflection of our diversity. I trust that the drama and literary arts high school students that I met with this week will be part of that vision. Here is the link to the interview with CBS Radio SF, in case you missed it:

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