On March 12, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf presented acclaimed writer, director and producer Tracie Collins with a city proclamation declaring March 14, 2015 Tracie Collins Day.
— Shelah Moody, Streetwise Radio


With limited opportunities for Black actresses in theater, Tracie Collins is changing the landscape by producing, writing and directing productions that star Black female leds. The Oakland-bred self-starter honed her acting skills at the American Conservatory Theater and has appeared in more than four full-production stage plays and starred in several other productions.
— Shamika Spencer,


@TracieCollins is all business ahead of her “One-woman Show” debut early next year.

I was so excited to hear that you were coming on the show, because I saw your production last year. … You’ve always said that you want to be a voice for urban women. … the realistic, real-world problems that you’re bringing to light.
— Michelle Griego, Bay Area Focus, KBCW (CBS SF Bay Area)

Tracie Collins is a Goddess presiding over her realm. The theater is home to her original work...plays that make us look at our lives. Tracie writes to and for the African diaspora while providing a venue for talented actors. Keep your eyes and ears trained on Tracie Collins! She has something to say!!
— Dana King, former TV news anchor KPIX (CBS5)

Tracie Collins, is deeply concerned about the plight of underage women who are trafficked into prostitution in Oakland. Collins, who is also a playwright, actor, director and producer, has come up with a creative expression as a response to the child prostitution epidemic in Oakland. She has written, directed and produced (but does not appear in) a new stage show called Cold Piece of Werk.
— Tamara Palmer, NBC Bay Area



A female entrepreneur in her own right, writer-producer-director Tracie Collins has been hard at work with more than four full-production stage plays under her belt, countless staring roles with Bay Area natives on her side, as they consistently cheer her on.
— Gabriel Williams, Stuff Fly People Like


Tracie Collins puts action to her words. This Bay Area playwright is known for championing issues surrounding equality for women and race relations. As an actress, writer, producer and director, Collins is unafraid of transparency and the controversial social injustices that plague communities.
— Talk2SV with Sandra Varner


Bay Area playwright Tracie Collins, who discovered the women soliciting male drivers of passing cars regardless of hour or weather, began to wonder what had brought them to ply their trade on the streets. “What better way to bring awareness to the subject than to write about it and bring it to the stage?” she told the San Francisco Examiner.
— Jason Victor Serinus, San Francisco Examiner


I’m so excited for this play. You’re known for these compelling, kind of gritty plays, and this one in particular deals with human trafficking, a heavy, heavy issue, and one that’s very topical right now.
— Christin Ayers, Black Renaissance, KBCW (CBS SF Bay Area)


In her previous three plays, the Oakland-based playwright Tracie Collins tackled women’s rights and race relations. In her upcoming production, A Cold Piece of Werk, Collins focuses on another topical issue that’s right in her backyard: sex trafficking.
— Shannon Stroud, California State University East Bay's The Pioneer


The CPOW cast is filled with Bay Area actors, some of whom are first-time stage actors. … I sat in on a recent rehearsal … While I watched, Collins sat stoically silent, watching the actors run lines. Collins provoked emotion out of the actors while providing support and encouragement through scenes. She asked the actors to critique themselves first, then followed up with her own comments. ‘Trust yourself,’ Collins said to Mahnaz Salvador who plays Diamond, another sex worker, in the play. … Through these productions Collins has gained a reputation as a champion of women.
— Kris Stewart, East Bay Express