About Me

Oakland-native Tracie Collins is an Oakland Indie nominee, American playwright, director, and producer who is best known for her fourth stage play Cold Piece of Werk that put sex trafficking in a theatrical spotlight. 

Tracie credits her father for introducing her to the arts at the tender age of nine. Collins took acting classes at the American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) in San Francisco. Throughout her formative years, still studied acting and appearing in theatrical productions as early as 11 years old.

Tracie was an actress in three or her five-stage productions, including The V Monologues: A Black Woman's Interpretation (2013), Knocking at Love's Door (2014), and Girlfriend Chronicles (2014).

After taking time off to raise her children, In 2009, Tracie reclaimed her love for the stage and starred in theatrical performances included portraying "Lorelle" in Dream Girls and "Pam" in Misery Loves Company at Black Repertory Group Theater in Berkeley, California.That was all she needed to relight the gift that had been lying dormant in her for nearly 20 years. From there she went onto create the first Full Figured runway show on the West Coast that sold out, from nothing. She learned her strength of putting together a team, marketing, advertising, financing,budgeting, and more.

That was when her true love emerged. The love and gift of producing.

In 2012 she decided to take her skills of production into the world of arts and entertainment where she went onto write, executive produce, and direct The V Monologues - A Black Woman’s Interpretation that had multiple consecutive runs to sold-out audiences. Girlfriend Chronicles, Knocking at Love’s Door and A Cold Piece of Werk. A theatrical production that won her the Mayoral Proclamation claiming March 14th Tracie Collins’ Day in the City of Oakland.

In addition to her love of theater and production, Tracie is the Founder and CEO of the National Black Doulas Association®, a company that helps fight the Black Maternal Mortality rate in America. The foundation provides education, certification, and matching for Black doulas and families. Tracie has become one of the nation's leading voices of midwifery, Doulas, and at-home birthing to empower Black womxn.

Tracie has been published in publications such as Parents, Rolling Stone, Essence, Milk Drunk, and contributor on Black Love, CNN Health, NBC Today and many more .

Tracie explores women's rights and social injustices by moving to creative works in television and film. Her main driving force is to explore black culture's taboos, dispelling those myths through art and entertainment.

Tracie is currently developing multiple projects across film and television